Healthy, Strong, Environmentally Friendly
Wooden Homes

Evans Homes has been building natural timber lifestyle homes for over 35 years and Initial Homes for over 15 years.

The Initial Homes engineering & building system resists earthquakes and cyclones and has the flexibility to handle temperature extremes. Ongoing research & development has sparked a number of innovations including:

  • Passive Ventilation means improved air quality and improved health for occupants
  • Pressure Equalisation means improved weathertightness and NO LEAKY BUILDINGS.

“The use of solid wood improves indoor humidity. During the cooler months solid wood acts as a passive dehumidifier in bedrooms during the night, and a humidifier in living rooms during the day. This produces more favourable humidity indoors, which translates into improved comfort and health.”
Dr Larry Bellamy - Lincoln University, New Zealand

Solid wood has high insulation and thermal mass meaning that less energy is required to heat, cool and ventilate a solid wood walled building.

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Welcome to Evans Homes

As an Initial Homes supplier we specialise in building low maintenance, award winning, solid timber homes. Also available as shell only or kitset homes or as a farm cottage or main homestead. Our homes are ideal for a family home, beach bach, workers accommodation, holiday home, and more to suit your lifestyle.
The price is very affordable and our homes come in a range of plans to suit your requirements.
Our homes are environmentally friendly as we source our timber in New Zealand from a sustainable resource. We can provide you with a full contract home, shell or transportable home. We can build your new home anywhere on the Coromandel Peninsular, including Thames, the Hauraki Plains and surrounding areas. We are well experienced in building for the special requirements of our coastal and farming communities, including Whangamata, Whiritoa, Athenree, Waihi, Waihi Beach, Pauanui, Matarangi and the Waterways developments.
Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information.

Solid wood’s natural insulation qualities, combined with high heat capacity, provide a stable comfortable wall surface temperature.
Solid wood has a very high strength to weight ratio, providing protection in harsh environmental conditions and situations.
Solid wood is low maintenance, as it does not dent or mark easily, resists staining, soiling, and odour build up. We also provide custom made kitchens, carpet and colour consultant services and can help arrange finance through our partnership with the BNZ.